Markets contain huge amounts of data and information that represent buyers and sellers’ sentiment and valuation of assets. In essence, a market reacts dynamically to changes in available information and thus requires sophisticated mechanisms to do so. In a blockchain context, building such a complex platform, given the limited computing and storage resources, presents us with various unique challenges, the most daunting of which is the compression aspect.

Compression is the act of extracting the most important features of a thing while removing the less important bits. So what is a market’s “most important feature”? The answer is liquidity. …

Starting from DODO v2, there will be three categories of DODO platform users: traders, liquidity pool creators, and liquidity providers (LPs). DODO’s v1 token economy design will thus be upgraded accordingly to engage these user groups and make the platform work for all.

Today, we are excited to share the details of the new DODO tokenomics, dubbed “DODOnomics v2”.


  • Besides governance, DODO tokens will have two new utilities for holders: Crowdpooling and IDO allocations and trading fee discounts on DODO.
  • A new, non-transferable vDODO token will be introduced to serve as proof of membership in DODO’s loyalty program.
  • vDODO tokens…

There are currently three major liquidity offering methods on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) today:

  1. Bonding curve: The price of a token asset increases according to a pre-set pricing curve, known as a bonding curve, as the token supply increases. What always happens though, is that degens ape into contracts and frontrun everyone else, getting tokens at obscenely low prices. This frontrunning leads to large price discrepancies among participants. As a result, speculators are usually able to price out genuine investors who believe in the project visions under this scheme.
  2. AMM coupled with yield farming: Many token assets are being issued on…

We are extremely thrilled to announce that DODO has closed a seed round funding, led by Framework Ventures and followed by DeFiance Capital. Other seed round investors include SevenX Ventures, Alexander Pack, Robert Leshner (founder of Compound), Bobby Ong (founder of Coingecko), Jason Choi, Spencer Noon, Maple Leaf Capital and more.

“We invest in teams that ship software rapidly, have cultural context, and aren’t afraid to try new things.”

Vance Spencer, co-founder of Framework Ventures, revealed why he and his team believe in DODO.

“DODO’s team has built on their time at DDEX and from organizing the DeFi community in…

Today, the DODO team is pleased to announce that it has chosen Chainlink ( as its oracle provider of choice and is already consuming its ETH/USD Price and LINK- USD Price Reference Data feed live on mainnet.

DODO is a nascent on-chain liquidity protocol that offers a smoother, more advanced crypto trading experience than other decentralized exchanges (DEXs). It is powered by the ground-breaking Proactive Market Maker (PMM) algorithm, which mimics human market making behaviors and gathers more capital near the market price in order to facilitate more efficient and frequent trading. …

On-chain liquidity is to DeFi what oil was to the Industrial Revolution.

From Bancor to Uniswap to Curve, automated market makers (AMMs) have transformed the world of decentralized finance, but they are merely a stepping stone: these algorithms are too primitive and static to work in the long run. They do not respond intelligently to market changes or employ proactive trading strategies like human market makers.

This is why we built DODO, a next-generation algorithmic market maker capable of responding to changing markets and liquidity constraints in real-time. …

We are excited to bring leveraged long (LBTC) and short (SBTC) bitcoin to traders on DDEX starting July 19th!

There have already been some great trades with MARKET Protocol as Bitcoin neared $14,000 a few weeks ago. Now traders on DDEX have an opportunity to trade BTC/DAI while remaining on the Ethereum blockchain through the same intuitive UI they already use. All collateral is stored safely on chain.

Get started with the pricing and trading guides.

MPtools is now live and provides an easy way to see trade stats like leverage, maximum gain and max loss.

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Harmony, a next generation public, scalabale blockchain infrastructure for the decentralized economy.

Hydro Protocol empowers dApp developers to leverage decentralized exchange infrastructure to build Harmony based DEXes without having to deal with the complexity and expense of designing, deploying, and securing smart contracts.

Nick White, Co-Founder of Harmony, commented:

“Liquidity and exchange are essential to a robust crypto-economy. Hydro Protocol is top of the industry in providing secure decentralized exchange infrastructure and beyond. …

We are excited to announce that DDEX Wallet supports Binance Chain for simple and safe cryptocurrency asset management and decentralized trading.

DDEX Wallet is a mobile native decentralized multi-chain exchange app for iOS and Android, which supports Ethereum, Tron, and Binance chain.

You can now manage your Binance Chain crypto assets on mobile devices with the DDEX Wallet Mobile App!

1. Import a Binance account

Once you have created a Binance DEX wallet, you can easily import your Binance DEX account into the DDEX Wallet app.

Diane Dai

Co-founder of DODOEX. Founder of DeFi labs.

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